A utility gained $260,000 in business value after TrendMiner helped it determine when to calibrate the inlet valves for its natural gas generator.

Use Case: Prevention of Unwanted Flare Spikes

When a faulty valve caused unwanted flare spikes and environmental concerns, engineers used TrendMiner to find the root of the problem.

Use CAse: Reduce Energy Consumption

This reverse osmosis company violated government energy usage regulations each month until TrendMiner revealed how pump and skid timing could keep it compliant.

Reducing your Carbon Footprint with Advanced Analytics

In this webinar, TrendMiner Customer Success Manager Daniel Münchrath discusses how pattern recognition and machine learning is used to accelerate energy transition goals and how it helps to go net-zero. He presents use cases for improving energy efficiency and explains how to perform a post-implementation review of a retrofit towards renewables using self-service analytics.

Discover how self-service industrial analytics is used to improve the production efficiency of compression systems. in this presentation from TrendMiner 2021 Oil & Gas Event.


Discover how TrendMiner’s self-service analytics solution is helping the water & wastewater sector improve asset performance and reliability.