To optimize the relationship between wind speed and power generation, operational experts at this wind farm used TrendMiner.

Process experts used TrendMiner to identify inlet and steam flow timeframes and help control steam loss in a two-part filtration process.

WaterLab 1

Watch this webinar and learn how you can support your company on the road to water sustainability by improving asset reliability.

EnergyLab 1

Learn how you can support your company by leveraging the data in TrendMiner to increase the energy efficiency of your plant.

Optimize your conveyor belt performance with TrendMiner. Detect patterns and prevent downtime to increase efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

Take control of your energy consumption with our Energy Management Dashboard. Monitor, analyze, and optimize your energy usage in real-time.

A drop in sulfur recovery could have environmental and regulatory effects, so engineers used TrendMiner to save this solution for the future.

This petrochemical plant used TrendMiner to create energy balance models and determine when 17 bar steam consumption was excessive.

Engineers used TrendMiner to learn when to clean the aeration elements used in biological wastewater treatment despite a high variance of variables.

Towards Net-Zero Operations: Optimizing Operations by Democratizing Advanced Analytics

In this presentation from Intelligent Automation in Oil & Gas Online 2020, Julian Pereira, TrendMiner’s Head of Customer Success EMEA presents the use cases that demonstrate how leveraging data and advanced analytics accelerates the transition towards net-zero operations.