TrendMiner Team at Work

Joris Gillis

Research Engineer

Agten Stijn

Customer Support Manager

Jef Vanlaer

Jef Vanlaer

Customer Success Operations Manager

Noben Veerle

FC&A Director TrendMiner

Discover your future workplace

Discover your future workplace

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This is what working at TrendMiner sounds like

“The challenges we tackle on a day-to-day business keep the job very interesting. I always have something to learn and people to learn from. The company invests in us and listens to our feedback – TrendMiner really cares about their employees and considers each individual’s development a success and growth for the company itself. Most of all, I really enjoy going to work!”


“In the 7 years I have been working at TrendMiner, my role has been changing continuously. I love how the management takes my personal preferences and growth path into account to tailor a job that suits me perfectly.”

Jef Vanlaer

“I felt really welcome when I started working at TrendMiner. The colleagues are very helpful which gave me an instant boost.”


“At TrendMiner, you’ll always feel like you’re a person – not a number – and that your worries and needs are taken into account. I started off as an Automation QA Engineer and got the opportunity to grow within the company. I also love that TrendMiner is a tool that enables our users to make their daily job easier, it’s not just another commercial product.”


“I like working at TrendMiner because it’s the perfect balance of working for a start-up culture with the backing of an established company (SoftwareAG). We have laser-focus on the process industry and it shows in our product. It’s exciting to see a product that is always improving itself based upon what its customers are asking for. It is very uncommon for a salesperson to be able to provide their insights to an R&D and they listen/consider it on the roadmap. At TM, that happens! I’ve been at TM for 2 years and have seen the product and company quickly grow and improve for the better… and I look forward to seeing what the next 2+ years bring.”


“I love working on this solution that makes our customers happy.”


“In Marketing I like to inspire our future customers to improve their production operations by using industrial analytics. It gives me great pride when our campaigns and collateral help them on their digitalization journey and later lead to great value cases they solved with our software. Especially when the improvements lead to a safer and greener world.”

Edwin van Dijk

This is what working at TrendMiner feels like

A day in the life of a Product Owner

– From Data Analytics Engineer to Product Owner

by Bart Hoskens Product Owner

My Onboarding experience at

TrendMiner during Covid-19

by Sabine Pietruch Data Analytics Engineer

building bridges

Building bridges

by Jef Vanlaer Customer Success Operations Manager

My path to becoming a data analytics engineer

and part of the TrendMiner team

by David Merschhoff Data Analytics Engineer

A day in the life of a Data Analytics Engineer

by Sören Hams Data Analytics Engineer

We are a proud member of the Software AG group of companies.

You’re in good company 

More than 70% of the world’s top 1,000 enterprises trust Software AG technology. Software AG’s customers include the world‘s largest companies in a wide variety of industries, such as chemicals, oil & gas, banks, pharmaceuticals, transportation, energy, and thousands more. Software AG is also one of the oldest software companies in the world – 50 years bold in innovation – focused on transforming businesses to become best within their industry. 


What’s in it for you 

Software AG is a global organization with more than 4,700 employees. By joining TrendMiner, you’ll become part of this network, which opens up a realm of possibilities. Connect with colleagues all over the globe. Learn every day by following online courses in Software AG’s corporate university. Grow your career by taking advantage of extended career options and international mobility. The world is your oyster!

Best of both worlds

By working at TrendMiner, you’ll immerse yourself in the typical fast-paced and dynamic start-up culture, while still being part of a multinational founded over 50 years ago with 5000+ employees worldwide. You can have your cake and eat it too: work for an agile, young scale-up and reap the benefits of joining a secure and established company. 


“A customer recently shared with me that they love working with TrendMiner. Love isn’t a word we normally hear in B2B software environments. That level of recognition is only possible with a highly motivated and passionate team behind the product/software.”

Sanjay Brahmawar – CEO – Software AG

Our Culture

“We connect technology and people for a smarter tomorrow”.

TrendMiner contributes to the Software AG purpose by democratizing analytics. Every day, we strive to improve the work-life of engineers, operators and managers in the process industries by enabling them to make data-driven decisions and to monitor their processes based on data.
Our primary goal is to help our customers achieve success, so that is what our whole organization focuses on: finding solutions for the issues that matter to our end-users. We do that by collaborating as one team, always striving for excellence and pushing through to overcome roadblocks. We aim for product leadership through innovation, while always maintaining our integrity.

Do we match?! 

Discover our core values and find out if TrendMiner is a good fit for you!

We value skills and expertise, but we‘re even more convinced that our team is what brings our organization to the next level.  

customer centricity icon

Customers are central to our vision

At TrendMiner, customer needs come first.
We work hard to build strong relationships through transparency, clear communication, and openness. We listen to our customers’ concerns, concentrate on their goals, and do everything we can to support our customers’ success. We crave customer feedback and develop our software around it, and we stimulate every single TrendMiner employee to think about the impact of their decisions on the companies and people we work with. We ensure TrendMiner’s impact is positive.
Working with us is easy, and we are convinced that integrity and being real with our customers will pave the road to long-term shared success.

Our Leaders

Driven, Decisive, Doer, Delivering, and Dutch.

Joan van de Wetering

Creative, Straight forward, Reliable and Helpful.

Edwin van Dijk

Proactive, Adventurous, Pragmatic, and Energetic.


Patient, Direct, Proactive, Accurate, and Passionate.

Team player, Enthusiastic, and Creative.