From Hindsight to Insight II

In this webinar TrendMiner experts look back on how they could have benefitted from using self-service analytics in their previous roles as process, production, and environmental engineers. They’ll reflect on areas they could have improved and how they could have streamlined their processes.

Download this white paper and read the various steps it takes to help ensure that the implementation of advanced analytics is successful for all stakeholders within an organization – from control room to board room.

The adoption of advanced analytics tools still presents certain challenges. Download this white paper and discover practical ways you can create a modern engineering analytics organization.

In this podcast, Fréderick Motte, VP Customer Success, TrendMiner, talks with Process Industry Informer podcast series host and expert Dave Howell about the latest technologies and future insights throughout the manufacturing process industries.  

Leveraging Data Integration II How to Implement Integration

In this next installment in our Data Integration Webinar Series, you will discover the different ways data can be integrated to gain much better visibility into your operations and save time, money, and resources. You will get an introduction to contextual data, overviews of datasources for TrendMiner, and more.

How to Leverage Data Integration & Streamline Self-service analytics

Learn how you can easily integrate your different types of data – time series, asset, or contextual – that resides in various systems and sources to gain much better visibility into your operations and save time, money, and resources.

Download these How-To’s to see how OSIsoft Event Frame Integration works for batch process optimization or for improving continuous production processes.

Download this how-to to see how Event Frame Integration works for batch process optimization.


In this live presentation from the OSIsoft User Conference 2017 in London, Tim Timmermans discusses the industrial analytics journey of Covestro Antwerp.

Use case: Compare current batch to golden batch fingerprint

This use case shows how TrendMiner analytics helped engineers assess batch run quality and take corrective action sooner for optimal production efficiency.