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From Hindsight to Insight II:

The making of Digital Engineer

Duration: 60 minutes

From Hindsight to Insight II

Looking back on previous roles you’ve held or incidents within your operations, are there things you wish you could have done differently if only you’d had more insight into your data?

In this webinar TrendMiner experts look back on how they could have benefitted from using self-service analytics in their previous roles as process, production, and environmental engineers. They’ll reflect on areas they could have improved and how they could have streamlined their processes.

You’ll learn how the right analytics tool can streamline your day-to-day operations and put you on the path to becoming a digital engineer, directly from people who have been in your shoes!

Topics include:

  • How product issues could be first discovered & detected quickly in the future
  • How TrendMiner features can be used to find issues with equipment that could lead to environmental deviations
  • How to gain quick insights of production rates and premature deactivations
  • Supporting basic & advanced regulatory control
  • How self-service analytics can be implemented from midstream blending operation environments to discrete manufacturing processes

About Speaker

E Hernandez

Eduardo Hernandez holds a Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering from Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico and a Masters of Science in Chemical Engineering from University of Houston. Prior to joining TrendMiner as a Data Analytics Engineer, Eduardo held roles as a Production Engineer and Engineering Specialist at Olein Recovery Corp and Pratt & Whitney, respectively.


Vincent Teran is a chemical engineer with past experience working in manufacturing and environmental reporting. Using his previous experiences and data analytic skills, Vincent provides support for customers to succeed. Vincent began his career at the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. as an environmental engineer and then a polymerization process engineer where he was responsible for plant troubleshooting, process automation and optimization. Vincent holds a Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.

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