Discover how self-service industrial analytics is used to improve the production efficiency of compression systems. in this presentation from TrendMiner 2021 Oil & Gas Event.

In this presentation, Aubyn Chavez from Cornerstone will share a process engineers’ experiences with TrendMiner and how the adaptive process of testing hypotheses, diagnosing issues, and creating solutions has real synergy with the exploits of PI AF.

Learn how DEME is using self-service analytics for short-term insights, long-term knowledge gain, and cost savings of upwards of €400K annually (on just one asset type).

Learn how self-service analytics helped Sitech save $2.2 million in their first year in less than one day of data analytics work with TrendMiner.

Turn the possibilities of Industry 4.0., Industrial IoT, and Big Data into your advantage as well. Download this success story to discover how Covestro achieves organizational objectives with the help of self-service analytics. 

Download a free PDF of this success story and learn how CP Kelco gained deeper insight into their operational performances, ultimately leading to potential yearly savings of $1 million.

Download a free PDF of this success story and discover how Ashland’s on-target production of GMP products increased from 70% to 95% after implementing self-service industrial analytics

Learn how self-service analytics helps ARLANXEO perform better analyses, optimize maintenance, increase environmental benefits, and save operational costs.


In his presentation Jasper Rutten will talk about the Huntsman analytics journey and how self-service analytics helps to make process and asset experts contribute to corporate operational goals.


In this presentation, Jan Spijkerman and Tom Wassink discuss their Operations and Manufacturing IT strategy, the role OsiSoft and TrendMiner had in their digital transformation, and the challenges they faced.