Advanced Analytics for Process Experts

Accelerate Root Cause Analysis & Improve Data-Driven Decision Making


In this webinar, TrendMiner Data Analytics Engineer Eduardo Hernandez discusses how to easily analyze process performance and find root causes fast, monitor performance to get early warnings and predict what is likely to happen, capture events and create your own production cockpit for operational storytelling, as well as best practices to become a data-driven factory and quickly gain value.

Learn how Huntsman used TrendMiner self-service analytics in its digitalization evolution and production optimization.

Digitalization in the Fertilizer Industry

In this webinar, Ruchika Tawani demonstrates how self-service analytics can improve the productivity, reliability and safety of fertilizer plants.

The first steps may be hard, but in this white paper, we outline how you can start digitalization process small and scale fast with various use cases based on the level of expertise so you can continuously benefit from your investment in TrendMiner.

From Hindsight to Insight

In this webinar TrendMiner experts look back on how they could have benefitted from using self-service analytics in their previous roles as process, production, and environmental engineers. They’ll reflect on areas they could have improved and how they could have streamlined their processes.

In this podcast, Fréderick Motte, VP Customer Success, TrendMiner, talks with Process Industry Informer podcast series host and expert Dave Howell about the latest technologies and future insights throughout the manufacturing process industries.  

Ditch the Spreadsheets

You can’t focus on what your data is telling you if you’re drowning in it. Self-service analytics easily allows you to interpret your data so you can increase asset reliability, optimize operations, and reach your corporate KPIs.

Download a free PDF of this success story and discover how Ashland’s on-target production of GMP products increased from 70% to 95% after implementing self-service industrial analytics

Learn how self-service analytics helps ARLANXEO perform better analyses, optimize maintenance, increase environmental benefits, and save operational costs.