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Integration Series Part II

Implement, Integrate & Innovate

Duration: 40 minutes

Leveraging data integration webinar

These days every manufacturing plant collects a tremendous amount of data and has many business applications for specific processes related to production. Think of the hundreds or thousands of connected assets where temperatures, pressures, flows etc. are being measured. Not to mention the lab data being collected, the spot checks being performed, and so on.

In this next installment in our Data Integration Webinar Series, you will discover the different ways data can be integrate to gain much better visibility into your operations and save time, money, and resources. You will get an introduction to contextual data, overviews of datasources for TrendMiner, and more.

Discover how you can:

  • How you can hook up third party systems that house contextual data (CMMS, LIMS, ERP, OEE, Batch records…)
  • How to use TrendMiner alerts to notify colleagues in Microsoft Teams or Slack of a process anomaly or deviating batch
  • How to unlock TrendMiner’s context data to feed your existing BI dashboards

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