Learn how you can support your company by leveraging the data in TrendMiner to achieve a more sustainable process

Discover the software, get technical information on all its key features, as well as practical examples of how these capabilities can help you every day.

Learn how Huntsman used TrendMiner self-service analytics in its digitalization evolution and production optimization.

Reducing your Carbon Footprint with Advanced Analytics

In this webinar, TrendMiner Customer Success Manager Daniel Münchrath discusses how pattern recognition and machine learning is used to accelerate energy transition goals and how it helps to go net-zero. He presents use cases for improving energy efficiency and explains how to perform a post-implementation review of a retrofit towards renewables using self-service analytics.

Digitalization in the Fertilizer Industry

In this webinar, Ruchika Tawani demonstrates how self-service analytics can improve the productivity, reliability and safety of fertilizer plants.

Making your Operations More Predictive: Integrating Your Asset Management and Predictive Maintenance Strategies

Ending with real world examples from both the upstream and downstream sectors, we will take you on a journey that breaks down buzzwords and will demonstrate practical, easy-to-use approaches that you can employ on a daily basis.

Analytics in the Control Room: New Approaches for Solving Age Old Problems

In this presentation from Operational Excellence for Oil & Gas Online 2020, Nick Petrosyan takes you on a journey that breaks down buzzwords and demonstrates practical, easy-to-use approaches towards analytics that you can employ on a daily basis. Nick gives a short overview of the traditional machine learning landscape and the different tools/techniques that are used within it.

The first steps may be hard, but in this white paper, we outline how you can start digitalization process small and scale fast with various use cases based on the level of expertise so you can continuously benefit from your investment in TrendMiner.

Download this white paper and read the various steps it takes to help ensure that the implementation of advanced analytics is successful for all stakeholders within an organization – from control room to board room.

The adoption of advanced analytics tools still presents certain challenges. Download this white paper and discover practical ways you can create a modern engineering analytics organization.