Introducing the Next Generation Production Client

Watch this webinar on demand to see how easy trend analysis can be; how to use the analytics capabilities to quickly find root causes for process anomalies and monitor operational performance and learn why thousands of users LOVE the new production client for each analytics maturity level and how they all can contribute to business outcomes.

Engineers used TrendMiner to learn when to clean the aeration elements used in biological wastewater treatment despite a high variance of variables.


Because pumps are such a critical part of the water treatment process, engineers needed a better way to know which pumps were online and which had failed.

Engineers at this wastewater treatment plant learned using TrendMiner why its pH levels were higher after a partial pipe replacement project.

Correlating Wastewater Quality with Live Process Data

This chemical company used TrendMiner to find a hidden relationship between organic acids and wastewater quality after a certain time frame.

Use CAse: Reduce Energy Consumption

This reverse osmosis company violated government energy usage regulations each month until TrendMiner revealed how pump and skid timing could keep it compliant.


The purpose of this white paper is to demonstrate how TrendMiner can help accomplish these goals. By the end of the paper, water and wastewater experts will see how the advanced self-service data analytics platform empowers engineers and manufacturing process experts to resolve challenges without the help of a data scientist.


In this webinar, TrendMiner Data Analytics Engineer Eduardo Hernandez discusses how to easily analyze process performance and find root causes fast, monitor performance to get early warnings and predict what is likely to happen, capture events and create your own production cockpit for operational storytelling, as well as best practices to become a data-driven factory and quickly gain value.

5 Levels of PI Integration with Self-Service Analytics

Watch this webinar on demand and discover how the data captured in your PI System can be leveraged for day-to-day, data-driven decision making when it’s combined with self-service analytics capabilities.