Webinar on demand

Introducing the Next Generation Production Client

hosted by TrendMiner

Duration: 55 minutes (30 minutes presentation + 25 minutes Q&A)

Many companies today are still using their historian trend client or struggling with spreadsheets to analyze their sensor generated time-series data. All to get a view of the performance of their production lines. But what engineers, controllers and all other operations professionals need is an easy-to-use production client to have instant insights into operational performance.  

In this webinar we will introduce the next generation production client for industrial analytics!  

For each time-series database or historian this “trend client on steroids” provides each user instant operational insights. This new production client goes far beyond the capabilities of traditional trend clients, through the additional analyze, monitor and predict capabilities.

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  1. To SEE how easy trend analysis can be 
  2. How to USE the analytics capabilities to quickly find root causes for process anomalies and monitor operational performance 
  3. To learn why thousands of users LOVE the new production client for each analytics maturity level and how they all can contribute to business outcomes 

About the Speakers

Nick Van Damme is the director of products at TrendMiner and is responsible for translating the vision of TrendMiner into the product roadmap. He is passionate about using advanced analytics, big data and manufacturing intelligence to support digital transformation, Industry 4.0 and internet of things (IoT) initiatives.

Michael Chang jumpstarted his career in chemical manufacturing, with over 6 years of experience in operations, technology, process improvement, and EHS compliance. Having always been passionate about leveraging data to improve, yield, and troubleshoot manufacturing processes, he continues to drive improvements for clients as a data analytics engineer at TrendMiner

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