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WaterLab: Optimize the Maintenance Schedule for Aeration Basin to Improve Energy Efficiency​​

hosted by TrendMiner

Duration: 55 minutes (45 minutes presentation + 10 minutes Q&A)

WaterLab 2

Water & Wastewater is part of nearly every industry and most of the time also scarce resource – similar to data. Get inspired and learn how you can support your company on the road to water sustainability by improving operational, workforce and energy efficiencies, asset reliability and the reporting of regulated environmental compliance requirements.

About the Speakers


Laura Linnig is Head of Customer Success DACH at TrendMiner ensuring that our customers will get the best support from her team making them successful with their investment in TrendMiner. Being a Customer Success Manager herself she is passionately working towards delivering tangible and meaningful outcomes in mutual understanding with our customer base. Working for +20 years in knowledge & change management, communication, and innovation-related roles in the IT industry fostering an environment for knowledge exchange & learning comes as second nature to her.

Louis Nitzschke is a Data Analytics Engineer at TrendMiner and part of the Customer Success team in the DACH region. He utilizes his degree in chemical and bioprocess engineering to support users along their analytics journey. He wants to help customers to use data for a more sustainable future and has focused specifically on water and wastewater treatment use cases.

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