TrendMiner Wins 2 Awards

for Its Next Generation Production Client

Industry experts, customers praise analytics software that puts engineers first

TrendMiner Wins Breakthrough Awards

TrendMiner Wins Breakthrough Awards. The advanced industrial analytics software has won two industry awards for its 2022.R1 release.

TrendMiner Wins Breakthrough Awards: Overall IoT Company of the Year, from the IoT Breakthrough Awards, and has been named one of 10 winners of the Breakthrough Product Awards for its Next Generation Production Client, which was presented by the editors of Processing magazine. Industry experts selected TrendMiner for helping operational experts analyze, monitor, and predict the behavior of manufacturing processes. The solution was recognized for its key capabilities that manage process behavior, reduce downtime, improve safety, and increase profit.

TrendMiner Wins Breakthrough Awards - Processing Magzine
TrendMiner Wins Breakthrough Awards - IoT Breakthrough Award 2023

Customers Share Their Success

Companies around the globe in the chemical, oil & gas, water & wastewater, food & beverage, and other industries have put our solution to the test. Customers have used TrendMiner to solve thousands of use cases for greater operational improvements. Here’s what they have to say.

Find out how TrendMiner NextGen puts users first in this release webinar.

Software Created from User Feedback

After years of usage across the globe, thousands of our customers provided feedback on usability requirements for TrendMiner. We collected that information and used it to build the Next Generation Production Client. The result is an intuitive solution created specifically for the people who use our software the most.

With TrendMiner NextGen, operational experts can:

  • Create monitors and soft sensors in a unified monitoring center.
  • View trend analysis visualizations, such as stacked trends, histograms, and scatterplots, in personalized dashboards.
  • Develop more complete dashboards with contextual information from third-party applications, including Gantt charts.
  • Compare process events easily by visualizing multiple content items at once, such as batch run data, in trend views.
  • Enrich dashboards with external content by embedding images, videos, or other materials from sources such as PowerBI, Tableau, PI Vision, P&IDs, and 3D CAD models.

“Creating easy-to-use software that securely makes data and its insights available to everyone, regardless of their analytics maturity level, was our top priority. That’s why we built the Next Generation Production Client. Giving users a solution where they can collaborate and share ideas was our goal behind our second release last year, which included MLHub. We know our clients are finding great use out of TrendMiner for their sustainability goals. As our customers advance in their digitalization journey, we find new ways to help them achieve these three analytics trends for 2023. It’s great to be recognized for our efforts with these recent awards.”

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