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Advanced Analytics for Water & Wastewater Treatment

Duration: 60 minutes

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Engineers and managers in the water & wastewater sector are facing serious challenges. Things like population growth, aging and resource-intensive infrastructures, and environmental changes are all areas that the industry is trying to navigate – all while remaining competitive and cost effective. To combat these challenges, new ways to increase energy efficiency and optimize operations have to be implemented.

TrendMiner’s self-service analytics platform puts data analytics into the hands of process experts and provides them a more efficient way to optimize processes, reduce energy consumption, and streamline improvement projects.

In this webinar, you’ll see live demos of real-world use cases such as how to use your data to predict and prevent pump failure and how to determine an efficient maintenance schedule based on equipment and process performance.

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Key Takeaways

Using captured plant sensor data to easily tackle complex optimization problems

Analyze process performance and speed up day-to-day troubleshooting

Diagnose process issues & benchmark optimal operating conditions

Monitor and improve process & asset performance