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Self-service Industrial Analytics in

Upstream Oil & Gas

Duration: 40 minutes

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E&P companies are constantly striving to find the best ways to deliver the greatest ROI with the safest, most efficient, and smallest operational footprint. TrendMiner’s award-winning self-service analytics for upstream oil & gas solution allows operators to work smarter and deliver significant savings, while enabling them to make better decisions, faster.

In this webinar we will share practical, real-life E&P use cases that will demonstrate just some of the benefits customers are seeing:

  • How to reduce and control flaring emissions 
    There is an increasing need to better control flaring emissions not only for process optimization but also for environmental reasons. In this case we will look into an unexpected increase in the flare flow measurement; what is the frequency of the incidents and what is causing them? We will use TrendMiner’s pattern recognition search and correlation functionality to answer both questions in a few clicks.
  • How to analyze and optimize the well start-up (bean up) time 
    Beaning up too fast might lead to a trip, while beaning up too slow leads to lost production. What is the optimal bean up time? As always, the answer is in the data. Here we will use TrendMiner’s value-based search and data filtering to solve the case while other tools are still starting up.

We will also give an overview of other use cases and the benefits our customers gained from using TrendMiner such us:

  • Reduced compressor trips by statistically comparing time periods for identifying root causes
  • Real-time monitoring of seal leakage issues plus automated historization of the events for further analysis
  • Reduced equipment downtime by performing fouling analysis of an offshore cooler
  • Automated communication between onshore and offshore for MEG injection
  • Creation of an E&P learning organization
  • Increased employee efficiency resulting in more solved cases and best practice sharing when geographically dispersed organizations/sites use the same analytics platform

About Speaker

Julian Pereira

Julian Pereira is Head of Customer Success EMEA at TrendMiner and Process Chemical Engineer by education. Julian has built his key industrial process expertise by delivering a variety of on-site engineering solution services around the globe for Oil & Gas, petrochemical and manufacturing processes. Among his expertise, Julian has 10 years of experience in process simulation and optimisation, energy optimization and integration, data analytics and continuous improvement. Currently Julian is helping the industry to work towards a successful digitalization journey with TrendMiner.

Wouter Daniels

Wouter has a Master in Chemical Engineering from Catholic University in Leuven, Belgium. He is working on his PhD in Chemical Engineering regarding modelling and data analysis of biochemical systems. Over the past years, Wouter helps our customers on their digitalisation journey as a Data Analytics Engineer at TrendMiner. In this role he works directly with the process experts of our customers to make them successful in using TrendMiner.

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