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Advanced Analytics for

the Food & Beverage Industry

How to increase sustainability and resilience by democratizing big data analytics

Duration: 40 minutes

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This year the Food & Beverage sector is facing complex challenges. Things like shifting market dynamics, consistent product quality, and adhering to governmental regulations – while simultaneously keeping operational costs down – are major hurdles it faces daily.

To combat these challenges, those within the Food & Beverage industry need new ways to fully leverage the potential of big data. TrendMiner’s self-service analytics software puts data analytics into the hands of process experts and provides a more efficient way to gain insight into equipment performance, monitor process deviations, and optimize production processes.

In this webinar, we’ll illustrate how self-service analytics can be used within one of the world’s oldest processes: beer brewing. You’ll see how production data can be analyzed, root causes can be found to avoid process anomalies in the future and even how the data can be used to predict maintenance.

The brewery demo will demonstrate how easy it can be for process experts to leverage the wealth of data that’s waiting to be found at the bottom of your glass.

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CP Kelco

“TrendMiner was a key support tool in identifying deviations within our process…

TrendMiner had the functionality and the usability that we needed… It’s very menu-driven and simple for the engineers to pick it up .”