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Become a Data-Driven Factory

hosted by TrendMiner

Duration: 52 minutes


You may have been capturing process data for years, and even analyzed it to get insights into your operational performance. But are your operational experts making data-driven decisions? Do they contribute daily to organizational goals, such as quality, sustainability, and overall equipment effectiveness? Can they quickly find root causes for process anomalies, or are they juggling data in large spreadsheets?

In this presentation, TrendMiner Data Analytics Engineer Eduardo Hernandez  discusses:

  • Easily search through and analyze large volumes of production data,
  • Analyze process performance and find root causes fast,
  • Monitor performance to get early warnings, and predict what is likely to happen,
  • Capture events and create your own production cockpit for operational storytelling, and
  • Best practices to become a data-driven factory and quickly gain value.

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About the Speakers


Eduardo Hernandez holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico and a Masters of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Houston. Prior to joining TrendMiner as a Data Analytics Engineer, Eduardo held roles as a Production Engineer and Engineering Specialist at Olein Recovery Corp and Pratt & Whitney, respectively.

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