Webinar on Demand

Asset Diagnosis & Real-Time Monitoring

with Self-Service Analytics

presented at Operational Excellence in Oil & Gas Online May 2020

Duration: 45 minutes

Asset Diagnosis & Real-Time Monitoring with Self-Service Analytics

The direct relationship between revenue and production rate requires maximum asset availability. All captured data over the last decades have already been used to improve performance and reliability of the most critical assets. For a next level of optimization, process experts should be empowered with advanced analytics for asset diagnostics and real-time monitoring. In this way a truly data-driven Oil & Gas company can be created, for making analytics-based decisions and controlling business outcomes.

In this presentation Julian Pereira, Head of Customer Success EMEA, will explain and demonstrate:

  • A quick overview of the key capabilities of TrendMiner
  • How to use self-service industrial analytics to perform asset trip diagnosis and real-time monitoring.
  • How contextual information from 3rd party business applications can add valuable context for root cause analysis
  • Pattern recognition for real time monitoring/surveillance in order to avoid abnormal situations before they occur
  • How to facilitate and automate the communication of asset diagnosis and monitoring throughout the business using a Production Cockpit.
  • The benefit areas of TrendMiner in the context of operational excellence (OPEX) in O&G

About Speaker

Julian Pereira

Julian Pereira is Head of Customer Success EMEA at TrendMiner and Process Chemical Engineer by education. Julian has built his key industrial process expertise by delivering a variety of on-site engineering solution services around the globe for Oil & Gas, petrochemical and manufacturing processes. Among his expertise, Julian has 10 years of experience in process simulation and optimisation, energy optimization and integration, data analytics and continuous improvement. Currently Julian is helping the industry to work towards a successful digitalization journey with TrendMiner.

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