Customer Success Story

How Sitech is Achieving Maximum Plant Performance & Increasing Revenue with Self-service Analytics

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How do you optimize process and asset performance with the use of self-service industrial analytics software?

In this success story, Marc Pijpers, Principal Process Control Engineer at Sitech, shares how TrendMiner’s self-service industrial analytics software helped Sitech to create a digital and innovative culture – resulting in:

  • Saving $2.4 million in their first year in less than one day of data analytics work with TrendMiner
  • Gaining 5-years worth of valuable data insights within minutes rather than weeks
  • Increasing overall revenue by 1%+ across the entire production line

“I believe in working with data scientists, but the belief that Sitech achieves enormous results with self-service industrial analytics software is even stronger. Our pilot was a great success thanks to TrendMiner.”

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