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Reducing your Carbon Footprint with Advanced Analytics

presented at Global ManuChem 2021

Duration: 23 minutes

Reducing your Carbon Footprint with Advanced Analytics

The chemical industry is on the path to Net-Zero operations due to environmental pressure. New and “cheap” solutions can be found by utilising the available sensor-generated time-series data. By democratizing analytics, where the power of analytics is put in the hands of the many operational experts at the production facilities, the largest number of improvements to operational performance can be gained and reduction of your carbon footprint accelerated.

In this presentation, TrendMiner Customer Success Manager Daniel Münchrath discusses:

  • The changing analytics landscape
  • How pattern recognition and machine learning empowers every engineer to quickly analyze operational performances
  • Use cases for improving energy efficiency and how to perform a post-implementation review of a retrofit towards renewables using self-service analytics
  • How self-service industrial analytics is used to accelerate energy transition goals

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About the Speakers

With a degree in biochemical and chemical engineering and starting a new career as a Customer Success Manager for TrendMiner, Daniel Münchrath brings the two worlds of industry and data analytics together. Since joining TrendMiner in 2017, he has been supporting the DACH-division to grow and succeed in its efforts.

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