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PI World Online 2020

Enabling the Process Engineer with PI AF and Data Analytics: A Journey

In this presentation, Aubyn Chavez from Cornerstone will discuss the use of PI AF to automate excel reports to unburden engineers, develop and test KPIs to support reliability and optimization efforts, and support better data visualization for engineers and operators. Chavez will also share the engineers’ experiences with TrendMiner and how the adaptive process of testing hypotheses, diagnosing issues, and creating solutions has real synergy with the exploits of PI AF.

The successful application of data tools is always an iterative process, and the journey to becoming data-driven is filled with small wins and real gains. It continuously puts the focus on the facts and has promoted communication and collaboration at Cornerstone Chemical.

Chavez will share examples of the aforementioned engineering efforts and experiences and the future plans for engineer professional development and analytics.

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