What is self-service analytics?

In this podcast, Thomas Dhollander, co-founder of TrendMiner, talks with Process Industry Informer podcast series host and expert Dave Howell about the latest technologies and future insights throughout the manufacturing process industries.  

Duration: 30 minutes

You may read about digitalisation, Industry 4.0, Analytics, IIoT, Data driven decision making, and other related topics almost daily. The more you see these topics pass by, the more diffused it may have become.

Listen to Dave and Thomas explore the basics about these topics and how operational experts can easily start with analytics without having to become data scientists.

Topics include:

  • What is Industry 4.0?
  • How is the Industrial Internet of Things different from IoT?
  • What does the democratization of data actually mean?
  • What is Self-service Advanced Analytics and how is that different from other analytics approaches?
  • Some practical examples how Self-service Advanced Analytics helps improve operational performance
  • How does Self-service Advanced Analytics help companies in the current COVID times?