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Leverage IIoT Analytics to Drive Operational Performance

LNS Research Group

Read this report from LNS Research to understand what analytics means for process industries, the key IIoT capabilities for modern platforms, and why some process companies are falling behind their competitors in analytics adoption.

Companies throughout process industries are big users of traditional modeling, simulation, and data analysis technologies ― and increasingly of advanced Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) analytics that make use of manufacturing data directly from plant operations and machinery. However, the way they use this analytics technology differs from other industrial sectors in some fundamental ways.

Today, there is a growing trend toward a wider range of use cases, extending far beyond uptime and asset performance to process improvements, quality improvements, and better forecasting, to name just a few. This push beyond predictive maintenance has led companies in process industries to provide access to IIoT analytics directly to plant managers (62%) and plant level personnel  (41%) at rates between 50% and 100% higher than other industries.

LNS Research Group

“A layered approach with IIoT analytics empowers individual departments or teams with deep subject matter expertise to utilize analytics directly, without depending upon a data science team.”