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How to succeed with TrendMiner

Learn how to maximize your success with analytics

Duration: 60 minutes

How to succeed with TrendMiner

Analytics are essential part of optimizing production process and asset performance today. Leading process manufacturing companies therefore value the use of analytics and drive adoption within the whole organization. Data mining and analytics are now in great demand for transforming production and asset data into actionable information. So, how does one approach an implementation of analytics in operations? Success in this field depends on more than just data and software.

Discover the keys to succeeding with analytics:

  1. How to create value using process and asset analytics
  2. Why failure is so common and how to avoid it
  3. Best practices to start using analytics
  4. How to grow your analytics maturity
  5. Direction on how to move forward with confidence.

About Speaker

Joan van de Wetering

“It is no longer a question whether or not analytics can transform production processes. ”

“The only question is when to get started, and how to ensure success.”

Joan van de Wetering is Head of Customer Success at TrendMiner, focussing on supporting customers in gaining maximum results of the use of TrendMiner. His team plays an active, ongoing role in helping our customers achieve unparalleled value from their TrendMiner investments. Joan’s professional experience includes over 20 years’ project, sales and general management positions in business and manufacturing industries. Experience in both the OT (Operational Technology) and IT (Information Technology) helps to bridge the gap between these two different worlds in an era where these are converging. Joan holds a BSC degree in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from TIAS Business School in The Netherlands.

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