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From Hindsight to Insight:

The Making of a Digital Engineer

Duration: 60 minutes

From Hindsight to Insight

Looking back on previous roles you’ve held or incidents within your operations, are there things you wish you could have done differently if only you’d had more insight into your data?

In this webinar TrendMiner experts look back on how they could have benefitted from using self-service analytics in their previous roles as process, technology, control, and production engineers. They’ll reflect on areas they could have improved and how they could have streamlined their processes.

You’ll learn how the right analytics tool can streamline your day-to-day operations and put you on the path to becoming a digital engineer, directly from people who have been in your shoes!

Topics include:

  • Using events and operational context to find root causes fast
  • Troubleshooting problems & solving previously unsolvable process performance issues
  • Monitoring performances & creating early warnings
  • Enhancing knowledge sharing & streamlining shift transfer
  • Support basic & advanced regulatory control
  • Support in all steps of APC controller implementations

About Speaker

Frederick Motte

Fréderick Motte is an expert in applied data analytics and process control in the chemical industry. Fréderick is VP is Customer Success at TrendMiner, a role which allows him to combine his expertise in analytics with his passion for helping customers maximize their success. Fréderick holds a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering (Chemical Reactor Design) from KU Leuven and UPM Madrid. Between 2011 and 2016 he worked as a process control engineer at IPCOS, where he was responsible for PID tuning, the design and programming of control architectures on different DCS systems and the design and implementation of full-fledged APC controllers.

Nick Petrosyan

Nick Petrosyan is a chemical engineer whose passion is solving problems through collaboration and data driven decision making. As a Customer Success Manager at TrendMiner, Nick draws on his extensive experience in manufacturing and data analytics to lead customers through use case resolution.

Nick holds a Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University at Buffalo. Between 2011 and 2018 Nick worked as a Technology Engineer at BASF Corporation. Nick was responsible for capital projects, process troubleshooting, plant optimization, debottlenecking, automation, and digitalization efforts.

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