How to Embed Industrial Analytics

into Your Organisation

Duration: 35 minutes

Many companies are already making data and analytics available to their operational experts to help their production facilities continuously improve performance and increase sustainable profitability. They are launching digitalization initiatives with the goal of becoming a (digital) leader in the industry. Successful initiatives have proven to start with digitalizing the production facilities and by empowering the process experts with industrial data analytics software.

To make analytics-driven decision-making possible at scale in an organization, the data needs to be available, accessible and digestible for the users. Next and more importantly, the operational experts need to be willing to adapt a new way of working. Based on years of experience and many successful digital transformation projects related to industrial analytics, Jeroen Dewolf of TrendMiner will discuss specific topics to make your journey a success. To help you embed industrial analytics into your organization and become the digital leader in your industry, Jeroen will share his experience about the following topics:

  • How to create value from industrial analytics
  • Challenges for (global) usage of industrial analytics
  • Enabling your teams to grow their analytics maturity
  • Success factors for global adoption of industrial analytics
  • Concept of Success