How to Bridge the Gap between

Engineers & Data Scientists

Duration: 25 minutes

In the world of digitalization, data can be captured and applied for many areas within your organization; from sales to marketing up to supply chain optimization. An area where data is being captured for years is related to the primary process: the process to produce the products to be sold. To use this sensor generated data you can use a central analytics team, while the process and asset experts work with a standard trend viewer. Perhaps the engineers are using MS Excel to dive a bit deeper into the data searching for ways to improve the production process.

Another way is to empower engineers with advanced analytics, enabling them to contribute more to continuous improvement objectives within the scarce time they have in a day. The challenge is to make a sustainable change in the organization where the business users will structurally use advanced analytics and improve operational performance and overall profitability.

In this presentation we will explore with you the best practice approach for embedding advanced analytics in all layers of your organization. Key focus areas are:

  • Where are efficiency leaks in daily operations?
  • How to turn into a data driven organization?
  • What works best to make engineering analytics empowered?