Ditch the Spreadsheets

How Self-service Analytics Optimizes Day-to-Day Operations

Time to watch: 60 minutes

You can’t focus on what your data is telling you if you’re drowning in it. Self-service analytics easily allows you to interpret your data so you can increase asset reliability, optimize operations, and reach your corporate KPIs.

Until now, traditional methods for analyzing and understanding data have been limited to labor-intensive spreadsheets and manual reporting that is prone to human errors. Subject matter experts (SMEs) simply haven’t been equipped with the skills or tools needed to interpret complex data sets. Process optimization and reliability is attainable, but only when the data is readily available in a usable format, at all relevant organizational levels.

Watch this joint webinar with CFE Media to learn how TrendMiner enables sound decision making by SMEs, process engineers and technicians by recognizing patterns in time-series data in a user-friendly way – without depending on data scientists or lengthy data models.

Ditch the Spreadsheets CFE Media