Customer Success Presentation

Enabling the Process Engineer with

PI AF and Data Analytics

Duration: 35 minutes

Cornerstone Chemical and Digitalization Leader & Process Technology Engineer Aubyn Chavez wanted to take a bottom-up approach when it came to data analytics. They also wanted to empower the engineers most intimate with their chemical processes and give them the right tools to better do their jobs.

Watch this presentation from PI World Online where Chavez shares her experiences with TrendMiner and PI AF that have proven to be an adaptive process of testing hypotheses, diagnosing issues, and creating solutions. It’s an approach that continuously puts the focus on the facts and has promoted communication and collaboration at Cornerstone Chemical.

Chavez describes how their analytics tools are applied across DMAIC steps for process improvement and gives examples of:

  • Report automation
  • KPI automation
  • Discovery Analytics
  • Diagnostic Analytics

Chavez will also share examples of the aforementioned engineering efforts and experiences and the future plans for engineer professional development and analytics.

Click to watch for free and learn how to set the right KPIs, reduce manual burdensome tasks, and start tackling problems that have been too time-demanding or difficult. 

About Speaker

Aubyn Chavez

“TrendMiner allows you to manipulate trends and data for really quick insights that would take too many hours and be too cumbersome of a task to achieve in traditional trending client or excel…

Also TrendMiner engineers are very hands-on helpful and often have manufacturing experience – don’t shy away from any problem. When requesting help thru the platform, they practically fight to be the one to help.”

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