Batch process analytics with TrendMiner

How self-service analytics can optimize batch production

Time to watch: 1 hour

Batch process manufacturers constantly look for new ways to improve throughput and increase quality in order to remain competitive. To achieve this goal, they need practical and proven solutions that can help them to identify bottlenecks and root causes in order to optimize production.

This video introduces how to use self-service analytics for batch production and the actual benefits that can be achieved. See how a single analytics solution could help you speed up root cause analysis, identify optimal process behavior, monitor and get alerts for deviations in process behavior using your golden batch.

Watch this video to learn:

  1. The importance of industrial analytics for batch operations
  2. Common operational challenges in practice
  3. Use cases – how to solve challenges and deliver value
  4. Live software demonstration – see the whole process in action
  5. The strategic value TrendMiner can deliver when used in the context of batch analytics
Batch analytics