Customer Success Story

Ashland: Advanced Analytics for The Factory of The Future

Ashland use case

Download a free PDF of this success story and learn how Ashland’s on-target production of GMP products increased from 70% to 95%.

How can you profit from digitalization, while transitioning an entire plant towards new markets? Ashland was up for the challenge. To support the transformation and digitalization of their chemical processing plant in Belgium, Ashland needed to find a way to analyse, monitor and predict on production data.

In this success story, Jan Meireleire, Engineering Manager at Ashland explains how TrendMiner’s self-service analytics enables them to optimize their production process and meet organizational objectives. With TrendMiner, Ashland is now able to:

  • Solve previously unsolvable production issues
  • Enhance their reliability, quality and profitability
  • Increase GMP production throughput


“Producing a product within specifications is not enough.”

“Industrial analytics is crucial for optimizing our production process and meeting our organizational objectives.”

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