Customer Success Story

ArlanxeoARLANXEO: Leveraging Digitalization at the Operational Level

Learn how self-service analytics helps ARLANXEO perform better analyses, optimize maintenance, increase environmental benefits, and save operational costs.

In many industries, digitalization is required to remain a market leader and enable future profitability. To sustain their leading position, ARLANXEO had to find a way to enable continuous process optimization by leveraging digitalization at all levels of the organization.

In this success story, Herman Schuster, Chief Digital Officer at ARLANXEO, explains how TrendMiner’s self-service analytics enables them to leverage digitalization at the operational level. With TrendMiner, ARLANXEO is now able to:

  • Search for and find process cycles and specific behaviors very fast
  • Go from unplanned downtime to Predictive Maintenance
  • Save costs due to reduced valve leakages
  • Reduce environmental impact by reducing spills