ARC White Paper

Industrial Process Analytics for the

Non-Data Scientist

ARC Advisory Group is a leading technology research and advisory firm for industry. Founded in 1986, ARC provides in-depth coverage of information technologies (IT), operational technologies (OT) and associated business trends. ARC provides strategic advisory and consultation services, as well as technology evaluation and selection guides, benchmarking, and market technology intelligence.

ARC Advisory Group (ARC), the global technology research firm, has a unique perspective on emerging trends impacting industry today. In this white paper, ARC analyzes the next generation of industrial analytics solutions and examines how a self-service approach can help companies to optimize their production processes.

ARC analyst Peter Reynolds shows how TrendMiner software:

  1. Is specifically suited to analyzing complex time series process data
  2. Overcomes the historical barriers to industrial analytics
  3. Complements functionality of existing data historian systems
  4. Minimizes the need for specialized data scientists
  5. Delivers predictive process analytics insights
  6. Empowers engineers to become “Citizen Data Scientists”
  7. Supports cost efficient virtual deployment.

“ARC believes the TrendMiner solution will be welcomed by the process industries.”

“At a time when owner operators are cost-contrained, dealing with erosion of knowledge and talent and looking for better ways to cost effectively get value out of the data that is already generated at the plant.”

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