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Accelerating Production Insights with Advanced Analytics

Practical ways you can leverage your industrial data and simplify your day-to-day role as a process engineer

Duration: 55 minutes

Accelerating Production Insights with Advanced Analytics

Process Engineers are used to analyzing data for all kinds of operational issues, but traditional approaches present a variety of challenges. From unintegrated, messy data sources to over-reliance on spreadsheets and time-consuming data modeling, these methods can’t tell you the whole story. Getting quick, actionable information out of your data doesn’t have to be complicated, nor does it have to require a background in data science.

TrendMiner’s self-service analytics software gives process experts the ability to easily analyze plant data to make data-driven decisions on a day-to-day basis with a platform made by engineers, for engineers.

You’ll learn how you can:

  • Solve previously unanswered questions, such as identifying the root causes of performance drops.
  • Test and verify hypotheses – in hours rather than days or weeks
  • Use contextual information from 3rd party business applications to gain additional awareness into operational performance.
  • Use actionable dashboards to monitor operational performance in real-time.
  • Reach KPIs like reducing waste & costs, managing energy consumption, improving product quality and more.

Your processes haven’t changed – but your ability to know more and make better decisions has. 

About the Speakers


Nick is a chemical engineer whose passion is solving problems through collaboration and data-driven decision making who draws on his extensive experience in manufacturing and data analytics to lead customers through use case resolutions.

Usman Iftikhar

Usman began his career in a startup organization in FCC catalyst and worked up through product commercialization. Usman brings a decade of R&D and plant experience to his role as a Customer Success Manager.

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