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Empowering Engineers with Advanced Analytics

hosted by Indian Chemical News 

Duration: 45 minutes

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Discover the power of Empowering Engineers with Advanced Analytics

Chemical companies continuously strive to optimize process performance and improve overall equipment effectiveness by making actionable information out of “big data”. One form of big data is sensor generated process data, typically captured in the historian. But still process engineers often need to rely on data scientists for analyzing process performance.

Wouldn’t it be great if they can leverage their expertise and avoid to build complex analytics models to find root causes for process deviations?

In this webinar hosted by Indian Chemical News, Ruchika Tawani, TrendMiner Data Analytics Engineer discusses how process engineers and other operational experts can do more with their data themselves, without the need for data scientists.

The webinar is specifically of interest to plant managers and process engineers who want to know how they can improve operational performance. You’ll see practical use cases that will help you better understand why democratization of analytics can accelerate reaching your organizational goals such as reducing downtime, increasing yield, control quality, improve asset reliability and increase overall profitability.

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