Download this how-to to see how Event Frame Integration works for batch process optimization.

Operating in the Fast Lane

In this webinar we will introduce the analytical benefits of combining time series sensor data with contextual data. You will see how you can use captured events as a starting point to continuously improve your production facilities.


In this presentation, Jan Spijkerman and Tom Wassink discuss their Operations and Manufacturing IT strategy, the role OsiSoft and TrendMiner had in their digital transformation, and the challenges they faced.


In this presentation, Manu de Block will discuss the industrial analytics journey of DEME and how with the advanced analytics capabilities of TrendMiner, users were able to assess many dredging related hypothesis. Insights gained with use of the historical data greatly increased the understanding of local dredging situations and adapt the project approach.

Self-Service Continuous Improvement 4.0 – Part II

In this webinar we will explain how self-service analytics can be applied to each production site, so they can run Operational Excellence programs autonomously with just a little bit of support from the central group.

In this webinar, we will explain how TrendMiner can be used in each phase of the DMAIC cycle. Along a practical use case we show how specific key capabilities are applied in each phase.


In this presentation from the 2018 ARC Industry Forum, Renzo Rondags explained how DSM Dyneema is becoming a data driven organization (Industry 4.0) and their operations department is rapidly transforming by using TrendMiner.

For globally operating organizations, a scalable, centralized environment that enables fast advanced analytics is needed to enhance operational excellence.


In his presentation, Norman will discuss how TrendMiner’s self-service analytics on top of OSIsoft PI helps their production facility to gain deeper insight in operational performance.

This video introduces how to use self-service analytics for batch production and the actual benefits that can be achieved. See how a single analytics solution could help you speed up root cause analysis, identify optimal process behavior, monitor and get alerts for deviations in process behavior using your golden batch.