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Does TrendMiner offer global support?

Our support team is well-known for going the extra mile for our customers, which is all part of the +1 culture that runs through our company DNA. Although our development team is located in Belgium, we try to accomodate every customer within their working hours. Please ask your local sales for your SLA details.

Do I need a new server for TrendMiner?

No. TrendMiner is delivered as a pre-packaged Virtual Machine (VM) that can be deployed in no-time. TrendMiner supports VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and KVM. Secondary there is one small Windows based historian connector that can be installed on any Windows server of choice. Usually the existing historian server is used for this. Other than some processing power from your virtualization solution there are no hidden infrastructure costs.

What do I need to install on the client?

TrendMiner is a Web-based application. The user interface (UI) is completely built in HTML5, which brings the installation of local components on the client to the minimum. For a complete list of compatible browsers, please consult our Wiki.

What is the impact of TrendMiner on my historian server?

The impact is minimal. TrendMiner collects data in a read-only fashion from your existing historian. No data is pushed back. This means that both an installation or an uninstallation is nothing short of deleting the Virtual Machine and removing the database connector.

In order to avoid the necessity of an entire new big data infrastructure, TrendMiner does not require a copy of all the data. If your historian server is getting a little older, we will have to monitor its performance though in order to support the indexing mechanisms we use.

Can I import and export data from and to other sources such as SAP, LIMP, Excel?

The short answer is Yes, the longer answer is ‘it depends on the type of data‘. There are specific LIMP & SAP integrations from an import perspective, especially for our TrendMiner Capture context platform. Today only Excel is supported for export but more Northbound connectivity is to be expected in the future. We highly recommend you take these specific questions to our team so we can adjust our roadmap priorities where possible.

Can I connect my historian server from remote location?

Yes. It doesn’t matter for TrendMiner where the historian server is physically located. If the locations are too far apart that the networking performance cannot be guaranteed, there can be an impact on the responsiveness of new queries. Our implementation teams have an extensive experience with this and will be happy to help.

Where is TrendMiner located?

TrendMiner is a Belgian headquartered software company with sales locations in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and the United States (Houston, TX).

How is TrendMiner licensed?

TrendMiner is a subscription based license. For more detailed information on scaling, please do contact our sales team.

Is the installation included in the price?

TrendMiner is a software only license. TrendMiner as a product is shipped as a pre-packaged virtual machine. It is a plug & play technology that requires little effort for implementation other than connecting to your historian server. Most of our customers are up and running within a couple of hours. The steps that are required to finish this installation are described in detail on our Wiki. If you need more assistance we will be happy to find a partner in your area or whom is able to help you remotely.

Are there implementation services needed after the initial installation?

No. There is no implementation scenario involved. Once the TrendMiner application is connected to the historian server, the process engineers and operators can start using the product.

How much resources are there needed from the customer for a TrendMiner installation?

An installation of TrendMiner is merely the deployment of a pre-packaged TrendMiner virtual machine (KVM / VMware / Hyper-V) and installing one windows database connector per historian server. This process usually takes almost no effort from the customer, except for the infrastructure support such as networking and security.

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