TrendMiner Wins a G2 Best Software Award for 2024

Only 1% of products in the world’s largest software marketplace received recognition this year.

TrendMiner has earned a prestigious spot in the top 1% of global companies by winning G2’s Best Software Award for 2024. It is a remarkable achievement for the advanced industrial analytics platform, which also placed 10th in the marketplace among all analytics software.

G2 is one of the world’s largest and most trusted software marketplaces. About 90 million software buyers visit it each year. The annual award ranks the world’s software companies and products based on authentic, timely reviews from real users.

“We continue to be humbled by the number of customers who have chosen us as their go-to solution for analyzing operational data. The Best Software Award from G2 is like the cherry on top of the cake after customers ranked us the leader in 11 categories on the marketplace. Throughout 2024, our mission is to further extend the power of analytics to make data-driven decision making even more rewarding.”

      Frederick Motte
      TrendMiner’s Director of Customer Success

Frederick Motte

The Analytics category of G2 is full of heavy hitters that analyze data from literally everything under the sun. The marketplace recognized Software AG for its industrial analytics platform for process manufacturing, which allows process and asset experts to analyze, monitor, and predict the performance of all their manufacturing processes. It is an intuitive web-based analytics package for rapid-fire visualization of industrial data.

Why is TrendMiner Ranked So High?

It is “an excellent guide for a better quality manufacturing, saving costs, and generating less energy expenses, without any doubt we are very happy to use it”, according to Gultekin K., providing “helpful visualization of data from the process makes it easy to daily keep up with the variations in the process”, according to Matheus A., and has become “a must-have to make data-driven decisions for improvements”, according to Martin T., for “average users to be able to easily perform analytics without the need for a heavy data analysis background”, according to Ian F.

See what else customers had to say in their reviews here.

“B2B software buyers, just like consumers, start their purchasing journey with research. As the world’s largest software marketplace, G2 attracts more than 90 million buyers to our site each year from companies of all sizes, in all industries. Based on their feedback, we’re proud to announce the 2024 Best Software Award winners. Congratulations to the less than 1% of vendors listed on G2 who made one of our 30+ lists this year.”

      Sara Rossio
      Chief Product Officer at G2

G2’s awards feature more than 30 different lists. The marketplace ranks companies using a proprietary algorithm, which is based on verified user reviews and publicly available market presence data. To be eligible, a software company or product must have at least 50 approved reviews during the 2023 calendar year. Scores reflect only data from reviews submitted during this period.

TrendMiner was one two Software AG products that ranked highly in the software awards this year. Software AG itself placed 8th among German software companies. Learn more about G2’s 2024 Best Software Awards and read about G2’s methodology.

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TrendMiner Wins a G2 Best Software Award for 2024

TrendMiner has earned a prestigious spot in the top 1% of global companies by winning G2’s Best Software Award for 2024.