GDPR Permissions

At Trendminer we respect your privacy. On this page you can set up which permissions you grant this website to provide functionality like displaying forms or watching embedded videos. Click 'Forget my settings' at the bottom to remove your permissions for this website.

We use Google Analytics to anonymously collect information about how our website is used. The data is anonymised before it is saved. To anonymise the information, the last octet of your IP address is masked. Collected information is not shared with other Google services or other parties.

This site uses a number of forms to collect information from you for contact purposes. These forms are loaded from the Hubspot marketing platform. To display these forms, a script is loaded from their website. Additionally a cookie is placed by Hubspot to keep track of information you have entered.

This website contains a number of video's that are hosted on the Vimeo and YouTube streaming video platform. These services will place a cookie and load a script from their website to make it possible to view these video's directly from this website. Any advertisements shown may be based on your previous internet behaviour as known with these services.

Our site places a number of cookies that ensure a proper technical working of the site. These cookies do not collect or store personal information.

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