TrendMiner customer Vandemoortele wins “Factory of the Future 2020” Award

The prestigious award is granted by technology federation Sirris and Agoria to companies that have an open mind to new business models. “Factories of the Future” are fully committed to digitized production processes and stand out with their future-proof operations.

Hasselt, Belgium Feb 19 2020 TrendMiner is thrilled to announce that customer Vandemoortele has won the “Factory of the Future 2020” award presented by Belgium technology federation Sirris and Agoria. This award is official recognition for their forward-facing vision and proof that the company is moving in the right direction. There is no doubt that the challenges of tomorrow are very demanding. However, Vandemoortele Izegem is a pioneer for other companies in terms of digitization, talent recruitment and sustainable entrepreneurship.

What it takes to win the Factory of the Future Award

For the manufacturing industry to have a sustainable future, companies have to turn themselves into agile, high-tech organizations. To win the Factory of the Future Award from Sirris, contenders have to demonstrate transformation in seven areas:

  1. Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
  2. Integrated Engineering
  3. Digital Factory
  4. Human Centered Organization
  5. Networked Factory
  6. Eco Factory
  7. Smart Manufacturing

“With the Factory of the Future-program we help the manufacturing industry since 2012 towards a sustainable future, among others by introducing the concepts of Industry 4.0”, says Herman Derache, general manager of Sirris.

“To remain successful – despite or because of very fast technological, economical or societal evolutions – companies need to reinvent themselves and should also be conscious of using energy and materials, besides a human focused approach. Production and Industry 4.0 are not always on the agenda therefor there is still work to do to help them transform and coach them towards success. This is what Sirris tries to do with 4.0 Made Real, a practical approach to advise and guide companies in their 4.0 process.”

Steering our customers into the future

TrendMiner is proud Vandemoortele has won this award and look forward in helping them to continue on their path of digitalization and Industry 4.0. TrendMiner specifically helps optimizing production processes and support the transformations ‘advanced manufacturing technologies’ and  ‘smart manufacturing’, while helping turning the factories into a ‘digital factory’.

“We see more and more engineers at Vandemoortele using TrendMiner to improve their production processes. It starts with analysing the available sensor generated data for finding root causes and creating monitors. At deviations of ideal production or best operating zone of the assets, notifications can be send to the right people in the company, or the events can be stored for knowledge capturing and further analysis in the future. With this, TrendMiner can help Factories of the Future remain competitive and continuously improve operational excellence”, says Joan van de Wetering, TrendMiner General Manager.

About Vandemoortele

Vandemoortele is a leading European food group that manufactures and sells high quality food products. Vandemoortele focuses on two activities: Bakery Products and Margarines, Culinary Oils & Fats.

In 2018 Vandemoortele realized a turnover of around EUR 1.4 billion with 5,100 employees. The Group is present in 12 European countries with own sales organizations and/or production sites. Its headquarters are located in Ghent, Belgium.

About Sirris

Sirris is the collective center for and by the technological industry. They offer Belgian companies three key assets to help them remain innovative: years of experience and comprehensive expertise in a wide range of industries; high-tech testing infrastructure spread across the country and an extensive network of partners. This way they help large and smaller players in the Belgian industry make the right technological choices and achieve sustainable economic growth.