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Webinar: Create a 360-degree view of your manufacturing processes with TrendMiner for SAP Industry Solutions

hosted by TrendMiner & SAP

Duration: 48  minutes (37 minutes presentation + 11 minutes Q&A)


Process manufacturing companies have been gathering data for years, both sensor-generated time-series data and in SAP for specific business applications, such as maintenance, lab-quality results, supplier data, etc. The value of data stored in SAP can be extended across your production facilities when combined with time-series data analytics.

What if you could predict operational performance against business objectives? Or accelerate operational sustainability using golden batch fingerprints and asset performance optimization?

TrendMiner is the industrial analytics platform that easily enriches time series data by contextualizing SAP data, equipping you to be in control of your operational performance.

In this webinar, we will introduce the SAP Industry Solutions that will help you meet today’s and future business requirements. You will also learn how to create a 360-degree view of your manufacturing processes to improve operational performance using TrendMiner’s Next Generation Production client.

About the Speakers

Muriel Rakotomalala is a senior solution Manager in SAP’s Chemical industry business unit who works with Chemical companies globally to support them along their digital transformation journey. Prior to joining SAP, while working in technical development and marketing for specialty chemicals and plastic manufacturers, Muriel experienced first-hand the value that collaboration among business partners can bring to the entire ecosystem. Now, Muriel‘s mission is to propagate the value of turning data into insight across the Chemical industry ecosystem.

Rob Azevido

Rob leads the strategy for the growth of the analytics and reporting platforms. Based out of TrendMiner HQ in Belgium, with over 11 years of experience in building high-performant and highly available B2B and B2C software.

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