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Webinar: Advanced Industrial Analytics to Accelerate Data-Driven Decisions

Hannover Messe 2023

Duration: 50 minutes

Many companies today are still using their historian trend client or struggling with spreadsheets to analyze their sensor generated time-series data. All to get a view of the performance of their production lines. But what engineers, controllers and all other operations professionals need is an easy-to-use production client to have instant insights into operational performance. In this webinar we will introduce the next generation production client for industrial analytics! For each time-series database or historian this “trend client on steroids” provides each user instant operational insights. Either deployed on premises, SaaS or in a hybrid cloud, this production client goes far beyond the capabilities of traditional trend clients, through the additional analyze, monitor and predict capabilities.

Watch this webinar recording and:

  • SEE how easy trend analysis can be
  • Learn how to USE the analytics capabilities to quickly find root causes for process anomalies and monitor operational performance
  • Learn how you benefit from our partnership with SAP, AWS and Microsoft
  • Learn why thousands of users LOVE the next generation production client for each analytics maturity level and how they all can contribute to business outcomes

About the Speakers

Rob Azevido

Rob leads the strategy for the growth of the analytics and reporting platforms. Based out of TrendMiner HQ in Belgium, with over 11 years of experience in building high-performant and highly available B2B and B2C software.

Aline Hüser studied Biochemical Engineering at TU Dortmund. She completed her studies in 2018 with her master’s thesis at the chair for Thermodynamic. After her graduation, Aline Hüser joined the chair for Biochemical Engineering as a research assistant and PhD Candidate the at RWTH Aachen University. Motivated by increasing demand for CCU strategies she focused her research on process development for microbial synthesis gas conversion and microbial CO2 utilization to recycle industrial waste gas streams. Aline joined TrendMiner in 2023 as a Sales Solution Manager in a small global team linking the function between Sales Operations and the Customers.

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