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"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."


It's a given that things that occur once, will likely occur again somewhere in the future. The best way to increase the efficiency and safety on a production plant is by predicting that abnormal behaviour.

Where TrendMiner Search helps you finding the root causes of abnormal behaviour, TrendMiner Monitor will help you from making it happen again by guarding your live data as a watchdog.


  • Follow up your processes live as they progress
  • Predict future evolution of a process situation that is currently unfolding
  • Automatically receive notifications for process events of interest in your inbox
  • Compare an ongoing batch run or process transition with the best demonstrated behavior
  • Get notified when your process has entered an operating regime of interest (eg. indicator for catalyst wear-out)
  • Get notified when a failure pattern - or an early warning for it - is detected
  • Get notified when a batch run is likely to deviate from the golden batch

What’s new?

your TrendMiner Inbox has news for you

Much like your email inbox shows a notification when it has news for you, TrendMiner Monitor will present you with an inbox for your updates. Our What’s new feature for example will automatically rerun saved searches every time you log in so you wouldn’t have to.

what's new

Live monitoring

checking up on your active processes

Operators in the control room are making sure 24/7 that your processes are running within the designed flows. Your DCS system has several alarms programmed to monitor your pressure and temperature at all times. But there is nothing to compare it to.

Now you can use TrendMiner monitor to get the live view of your process and lay this data on top of your saved golden batches and fingerprints from TrendMiner Search. This is the perfect way to check if recent changes you made to your process flow have the exact behaviour you expected, or to pro-actively adjust your settings when it doesn’t.

Predictive Monitoring

the holy grail of live data

Your DCS is good at alarming you when things are not going as designed. But wouldn’t it be great if it would tell you upfront? By combining our the patent-pending pattern based search algorithms with predictive monitoring, TrendMiner Monitor can calculate the possible trajectories of your process and predict deviating behaviour before it happens.

The possible value of TrendMiner monitor is limitless!

Dynamic Actions

Using an inbox in the application to notify you of things that may be of your interest is just one method. TrendMiner monitor will add more dynamic ways of sending you updates using SMS, email or allowing your CRM/CMS/ERP/… platforms to integrate with our REST-API.

Would you like to talk to us about all the possibilities? Don’t hesitate to ask.