Digitalization and Sustainability Take Center Stage at ACHEMA 2022

Digitalization and Sustainability Take Center Stage at ACHEMA 2022

TrendMiner at ACHEMA

Global chemical industry experts discussed at ACHEMA 2022 the ways process manufacturing companies can achieve sustainability goals through a digital transformation. As a logical conclusion from the discussions, data-driven organizations are in the best possible position to achieve their sustainability goals very quickly.

Meeting a Greener Demand

Digitalization and sustainability were among the bigger topics of ACHEMA 2022. Held in Frankfurt, Germany, the event hosted more than 70,000 people from 127 countries. This was the first ACHEMA event to offer a Digital Hub exhibition group. The new group included more than 300 experts and participants, including TrendMiner. Each is helping companies in the process manufacturing industry accelerate their digital transformations.

TrendMiner demo at ACHEMA

In addition to the focus on digitalization, the 2022 event included a “Green Innovation Zone.” This group brought together pioneers, experts, and solution providers who are focused on ways to meet future sustainability challenges. The circular economy, industrial water challenges, sustainable chemistry, and a bio-based economy are among their areas of focus. Read how advanced analytics can accelerate sustainability goals.

Data: The Unexplored Potential

One of the presentations on the Siemens’ Digital Innovation Stage was by TrendMiner General Manager Joan van de Wetering. In his speech, he explained that becoming data-driven is essential in a world that is constantly changing. Looking at recent events, COVID-19 caused lockdowns, production disruptions, and logistical challenges. Russia’s war on Ukraine has led to price increases on energy and raw materials. And the need for environmental stewardship, as regulations to decrease emissions requirements and social pressures mount, requires changes in the way companies operate their facilities.

“Data analytics is nothing new in the industry. What is new is the accessibility of the data and analytics solutions. But, also, the amount of data is growing with all kinds of digitalization initiatives. There is a lot of unexplored potential for industry. Digital tools are feasible solutions to improve current processes and design new. Due to accelerating improvements like smart sensors, increased computer power, and analytics, significant progress can be made by adopting digital technologies throughout the complete supply chain.”


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In the past, data typically has been stored and maintained in separate systems by separate departments. This created data silos that resulted in a fragmented view and the inability to see data in a cross-functional way. Production data, such as batch reports or laboratory information management system results, often could not be looked at in conjunction with operational data from a historian. But with advanced analytics, engineers can view contextual data with time-series data for a more holistic view of production. Furthermore, advanced analytics solutions make data accessible to everyone in an organization.

“Companies now increasingly realize that digital transformation is about implementing more and better solutions, but also that it is about increasing digital maturity of people, and setting up the right culture, processes, and tasks.”

Joan van de Wettering

Support from Analytics

The next ACHEMA event is two years away, but process manufacturers can use advanced analytics now to solve daily production challenges and optimize operations. With advanced analytics, companies can make data-driven decisions and increase their digital maturity level. In turn, they will meet sustainability goals. With digitalization and advanced analytics, chemical companies can realize a bright, sustainable future.

Watch TrendMiner General Manager Joan van de Wetering as he explains the data-driven factory during ACHEMA 2022.

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