TrendLab 2021

Off to a Great Start 

TrendLab 2021

If you’ve ever been involved in organizing and then executing an event, you know the amount of time and effort that is required, but it’s well worth it when everything goes as planned. The first part of TrendLab 2021 did just that and got off to a great start. Let’s have a look at how it went down. 

The Tone was Set with Inspiring & Informative Presentations 

The first day of TrendLab 2021 started with welcomes from Sanjay Brahmawar, Software AG CEO; Dr. Benno Quade, Software AG COO; Dr. Jurgen Kramer, Software AG General Manager of IoT & Analytics; Joan van der Wetering, Managing Director at TrendMiner. The presentations that followed were given by a mix of customers and TrendMiner team members: 

  • Clariant’s Nimet Sternberg gave his take on TrendMiner’s notebook capabilities 
  • Arkema’s Laurent Baselhav and Nina Mas Soler provided insight into Digital Transformation.  
  • Our team gave talks on Data Scientist in the Loop (i.e., Democratizing Machine Learning), TrendHub, and Onboarding, providing insight into advanced analytics trends and the evolution and improvement of our software.  

Wanting to get a feel for how the first part of the event went, we asked a few people what their impressions were.  Here’s what they had to say: 

Joan van de Wetering, TrendMiner Managing Director 

The team has put a lot of effort and energy into the preparations and finally it was here, our first day of TrendLab! We immediately kicked it off with three great customer presentations all which highlighted a part of their TrendMiner journey. We could tell by the number of questions that this very much resonated with our participants. Also, votes for the “TrendMiner of the Year Award” are flowing in as well. I am curiously looking forward to seeing presentations from the second and third day to see who will win it this year. Day 1 raised the bar for TrendLab and the TrendMiner team and hopefully also for all participants, setting high expectations for the next days. We can’t wait until next week, see you all next Tuesday! PS Look to the Conversation Starter on Thursdays as well if you want to align with peers or with experts from the TrendMiner team. 

One of our Chemical Industry Customers  

We really enjoyed the story telling and thought the first day was fantastic, especially with the way the TrendMiner team was able to keep the attendees’ attention and interest and kept them engaged with the lighthearted atmosphere and energized pace.  

Daniel Münchrath, TrendMiner Data Analytics Engineer  

It was a very good start into TrendLab 2021. There was a very good mix of sessions, ranging from well-done setups from Joan, Jürgen, Benno and Sanjay to new feature sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes impressions and inspiring customer testimonials and use cases.  

Rob Azevedo, TrendMiner Product Manager  

It gives me so much energy seeing all the customers so excited to come and present their use cases and to share what they know about TrendMiner. I’ll never get used to seeing TrendMiner display real world production data. It’s so valuable and interesting to see how so many people are empowered by our software. 

TrendLab 2021

People Helping People 

The best part of TrendLab, of course, is the human connection. It is the sharing of insight and lessons learned to help others. When asked if it was worth all the “sweat & tears” spent on organizing the event, Daniel Munchrath had this to say, “It was worth investing the time needed to organize this event since it brings the analytics community closer together. Seeing what my peers are doing with a self-service analytics tool can serve as a basis to get inspired to try new things and to achieve value from perspectives that hadn’t been thought of before. But more importantly, TrendLab is a platform where we can speak to our user base and let them know how we are planning to develop our software, partnerships, and relationships to our customers.” 

It really is about the self-service analytics community and how we can all help each other. And Rob Azevedo concurs, “Seeing it come together to create so many great conversations for sure makes all the planning worth it.” 

TrendLab 2021 is about the self-service analytics community connecting and inspiring each other. It’s people helping people.  

Still time to register! 

The first two days have already taken place. But you can still register for the last session tomorrow September 21. 

After registering you can watch the inspiring sessions of day 1 and 2.

Get in on the fun, see what is happening on day 3 and learn what’s new and up-coming by registering here.  

 See you there! Aloha!