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Total Refining & Chemicals Rolls Out Self-Service Analytics Globally

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ARC whitepaper

ARC Advisory Group, the global technology research firm, is renowned for its insights into the convergence of IT and OT at industrial companies. In this whitepaper, ARC Principal Consultant and Lead Analyst Janice Abel explains how Total Refining & Chemicals (Total R&C) combined real-time process data from OSIsoft with TrendMiner’s self-service process and asset analytics software to achieve measurable success.

Download this whitepaper and discover:

  1. Why Total R&C wanted a self-service industrial analytics solution
  2. The key requirements that needed to be fulfilled in practice
  3. Why Total R&C selected TrendMiner
  4. How a pilot demonstrated the value of TrendMiner analytics
  5. How the results fit into Total’s digital roadmap
  6. Why this led to a global analytics roll-out
  7. Best practices for choosing your analytics solution

“Using TrendMiner, process engineers and other operations and maintenance personnel can select process tags and search for specific behavior.”

“Not only did the technology reduce the time users needed to solve and diagnose problems, it improved their ability to share and capture knowledge.”

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