Advanced Analytics at BASF with TrendMiner

Presented at 7th Annual Connected Plant Conference

Duration: 13 minutes

Discover how TrendMiner revolutionized plant operations in multiple industries! In this insightful video, Rooha Khan from BASF shares her experiences using TrendMiner’s self-service analytics platform. Learn how real-time monitoring alerts, saved views, and interactive dashboards helped her proactively address issues with instrument air pressure and flare flows. With TrendMiner’s intuitive interface, you don’t have to be an expert to unlock the power of data analysis and optimization. Watch now to see how this tool improves communication, saves time, and enhances operational efficiency in various plant environments. Don’t miss out on this game-changing solution for plant management!

About the Speakers

Rooha graduated from The University of Texas at Austin in 2016 with a BA in Chemical Engineering. She started with BASF in 2016 in a rotational program, and upon completion has held a production role in multiple units. She has worked in multiple technologies at Geismar including batch and continuous units. She has used Trendminer in those units and has continues to find valuable ways to use it in her every day activities at the plant. In her free time, Rooha enjoys spending time with her pets, Alfred and Eleanor, and anything that can get her outside in the fresh air.


Through an insightful case study on monitoring instrument air pressure and flare flows, Rooha Khan highlights how TrendMiner’s platform effectively optimizes manufacturing processes. Witness the tangible value BASF has discovered by harnessing the capabilities of industrial data analysis and monitoring, and be prepared to embrace the transformative possibilities of digitalization.

About TrendMiner

Delve into a detailed explanation of TrendMiner, a production client and self-service analytics platform that connects with time series and event data. Explore the various analytical tools and modules available in TrendMiner.

TrendMiner Benefits at BASF

Rooha discusses the benefits that BASF has received from using TrendMiner. Learn more about the advantages of real-time monitoring alerts, saved views, and the ability to build layers and dashboards.

Monitoring Alerts

This chapter focuses specifically on the monitoring alerts feature of TrendMiner. The speaker explains how real-time monitoring alerts help them stay informed about critical data, such as instrument air pressure, and how it assists in identifying issues and taking prompt action.

Use Case: Flare Monitoring

This chapter presents a use case scenario where TrendMiner’s alert feature was used for monitoring flares. The speaker explains the environmental requirements and regulatory compliance related to flares and describes how TrendMiner helped them identify and address flare-related issues proactively.

Views, Layers & Dashboarding

This chapter explores the functionality of views, layers, and dashboards in TrendMiner. Rooha explains how these features enhance their ability to analyze and present data effectively, even while working in the field.

Use Case: Steam Consumption 

This chapter presents another use case where TrendMiner was utilized to monitor steam consumption. The speaker discusses how TrendMiner’s predictive capabilities were employed to identify and optimize steam usage, leading to increased efficiency and cost savings.


In this chapter, the key points discussed throughout the previous chapters are summarized, emphasizing the benefits and practical applications of TrendMiner in various industrial contexts.


The final chapter provides an opportunity for the audience to ask questions and seek further clarification on any aspect of the presentation or TrendMiner’s functionalities.