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The real google for the Process industry


driving operational intelligence through big data search and predictive analytics for industrial process data

TrendMiner is a high performance discovery analytics engine for process measurement data. Through an intuitive web-based trend client you can start searching for trends in using patent pending pattern recognition & machine learning big data technologies.

Whether you want to use the information for forensic analysis of past events or live monitoring of your current batches or process transitions, up to future predictive warnings about anomalies. All these possibilities brought in the hands of the process engineer or operator without the need for data scientists.

TrendMiner comes in a prepackaged virtual appliance. Downloading and installing the machine and connecting to the historian takes less than an hour and can be done by your own IT support team. No training or modelling of the data is required. You can start using TrendMiner as soon as it is connected.

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TrendMiner Search will increase your resource efficiency by solving the unsolvable problems which in turn helps making pro-active decisions instead of reactive firefighting.

Do you still loose time scrolling through process data or preparing spreadsheet exports of your process data for further analysis of problem situations?¬†Wouldn’t you rather get to the same results, and go a lot deeper in just a couple of clicks?

TrendMiner Search adds multiple dimensions of search analytics such as similarity, value based search or anomaly detection. It allows you to filter in or out focus periods to only look into a specific product batch or transitions period. Want to know more about all these Рand more Рdifferent analytics methods?

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Are you fed up looking at sensor data without proper contextualization? Would you like to see shift notes, maintenance status and interpretations from other engineers indicated on your process trends? Or are you looking for ways to follow up and report on losses or anomalies, integrated with historian data?

TrendMiner Capture builds on years of experience in the process industry creating shift logbooks and adds the ability to manually add visual annotations straight into your trend client.The platform also enables integration of externally generated context from your MES / PLM / CPLM / APM / … systems.

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Are your operational monitoring systems based on hardcoded thresholds in your DCS? Wouldn’t you rather get a dynamic visual of your best-operating zone depending on the current state of your process?

On top of value based searches TrendMiner can monitor on the fingerprints and searches you dynamically created in TrendMiner Search and allows you to monitor the progress of your processes compared to your preferred states. By projecting future behaviour with advanced algorithms, TrendMiner Monitor can help you make predictive decisions or warn you automatically when abnormal behaviour occurs.

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