TrendMiner Wins IoT Innovator Award For Putting Operational Insights in the Hands of Every Engineer

This award is supported by many customers giving TrendMiner rave reviews on the G2 software review platform in a variety of categories.

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TrendMiner has received the 2024 “Industrial IoT Innovator of the Year” award from IoT Breakthrough Awards. Now in its 8th year, the IoT Breakthrough Awards recognizes leading companies and technologies in the global Internet of Things (IoT) market.

Driven by Innovation

TrendMiner, an advanced industrial analytics platform, received kudos for its user-friendly solution that provides self-service insights on operational performance. Powered by AI, machine learning, and patented pattern recognition capabilities, TrendMiner provides everyone in manufacturing operations with detailed and intuitive insights. Operational experts can easily search through years of time-series data for periods of good and bad behavior and see events within their operational context. Search, diagnostic, and predictive capabilities help speed up root cause analysis, define optional processes, and configure 24/7 monitors to provide early warnings when anomalies occur.

Our mission is to design and deliver a fast, powerful, and intuitive analytics platform that drives the adoption of data and analytics for everyone in industrial operations to make smarter data-driven decisions.

“The recognition we have received from our customers motivates us to continue our mission to deliver a platform that enables smarter data-driven decisions. Our path in 2024 will further extend the power of analytics and AI for everyone within industrial operations by enhancing flexibility, collaboration, and predictive capabilities.”

Julian Pereira, TrendMiner’s Director of Products.

Respected by Customers

Meanwhile, TrendMiner’s customers are praising the software for its easy-to-use industrial analytics solution. On the software marketplace G2, the platform has taken the top spot in 11 categories when compared to its competitors. Customers said they appreciate TrendMiner’s process monitoring capabilities, user-friendly interface, and the ability to identify and solve problems fast, efficiently, and effectively.

TrendMiner ranked as the leader in these categories, among others:

  • Leader, Time Series Intelligence Software, EMEA and the Americas
  • Best Relationship, Time Series Intelligence Software
  • Leader, Predictive Analytics Software, EMEA and Europe
  • Best Relationship, Manufacturing Intelligence Software
  • Leader, Manufacturing Intelligence Software
  • Leader, IoT Analytics Platform

Ready for the Future

TrendMiner creates greater resilience for the global process manufacturing industry by revolutionizing data-driven decision making on the factory floor. In 2024, we will continue to deliver innovative capabilities and provide even greater access to data so that more people can make operational improvements with the help of TrendMiner.

About IoT Breakthrough Awards

The IoT Breakthrough Awards, part of Tech Breakthrough, is a leading market intelligence and recognition platform for technology leadership and innovation in today’s most comprehensive categories of technology. Tech Breakthrough works with leading technology companies to share ideas and foster innovation.

In 2023, TrendMiner won the marquee award, “Overall IoT Company of the Year,” from IoT Breakthrough.

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