TrendMiner User Event Takes a Collaborative Hybrid Approach

Regional, in-person events bring higher value to the digital workshop


With an ever-changing global economy, it has never been more important for process engineers to stay connected. But with expectations about how and where people work still in flux two years after COVID-19 began, TrendMiner once again adapted to a new normal and made TrendLab 2022 a hybrid event. 

Why Go Hybrid?

“People and organizations have come to realize that in-person and remote can work in tandem, and they actually strengthen each other when combined,” said Frederick Motte, Senior Director of Customer Success at TrendMiner. “Need a day to do focused work? Work from home and get things done. Want to get inspired or exchange ideas? Meet up with others and have a session on the whiteboard or even trigger some discussions around the coffee machine. 

“It’s no longer about remote-first work or returning fully back to the office,” he said. “Organizations now realize the value of being intentional with your time.” 

Mike Malone

When a pandemic hit, TrendMiner helped Toray’s Mike Malone make a seamless work-from-home transition. Learn how in this special guest blog post.

In respect of that time, TrendLab followed the same approach as it went to a hybrid series of events this year. The company held several regional spinoff roadshowsthat fostered relationships, brought people together, and allowed for close exchanges. The upcoming TrendLab Digital event, where TrendMiner customers from all over the world will discuss how advanced analytics empowers them, is just around the corner.

Hosted online Tuesday, Sept. 20, and Wednesday, Sept. 21, the global TrendLab will offer great content that customers can choose and pick to watch from the comfort of their homes. Click here to register.

Going Digital for the Hybrid Event

In response to COVID-19, TrendLab went all digital for 2020 and 2021. The decision to go hybrid meant bringing back live gatherings, but it also meant hosting at least a portion of the global event in an online-only format. A global, all-digital TrendLab is the answer to that. After summer tours around Europe and the U.S. with events in Antwerpen, Leverkusen, and Houston, the third edition of TrendLab Digital offer a remote experience. 


Nina MAS SOLER was the 2021 TrendMiner of the Year for demonstrating why she was named Arkema’s Digital Champion.

The event will feature customers, partners, and TrendMiner product experts. Topics will include high-value use cases for advanced analytics; innovative technology adoption journeys and change management adjustments; global architecture and deployment best practices; and TrendMiner partnerships, such as the one it has formed with AWS. 

Intermixed with the content presentations will be randomized five-minute watercooler chats. Discussion rooms to talk about specific topics are available. A full speaker lineup will be available closer to the start of the event. 

“There will be something new for everyone,” said Nick Petrosyan, head of customer success for TrendMiner Americas region. “The latest release (2022.R1.1) will come out right around that time. It will be our first release following the heavily updated TrendMiner NextGen that we released during the spring. New capabilities include updates for machine learning, context analytics, and more. We will also have new presenters and new stories from customers!” 

Hybrid Event Roadshow Themes

Three events welcomed customers earlier this year for TrendLab roadshows. These smaller groups are designed to be regional and offer the opportunity for TrendMiner users to collaborate with each other, partners, and TrendMiner customer success team members. 

“The response to the local roadshow event was tremendous, as customers and users really appreciated the opportunity to get together, meet each other, exchange knowledge and meet some of my other teammates at TrendMiner with whom they’ve worked for years,” said Laura Linnig, TrendMiner’s head of customer success for the DACH region. 


Sukhpal Singh, a production engineer at Kuraray, wrote about the importance of effective and timely process communication. He won the TrendMiner of the Year Award in 2020.

Customers also found time to share what they have learned during the first in-person event that was held on American soil in more than two years. 

“The theme of knowledge management came up often,” said Petrosyan. “One quote really sticks out: ‘We view data science and analytics as really belonging under the knowledge management umbrella.’ At the end of the day, situational awareness is a vital aspect of running a safe, optimized, and reliable process. It was interesting that a lot of our customers made the connection between analytics, situational awareness, and knowledge management.” 

And despite the digital opportunities, TrendMiner expects the in-person events to continue. 

“In only one day, we managed to learn, get inspired and exchange ideas with our TrendMiner customers more than we have done so far this year,” said Julian Pereira, TrendMiner’s head of customer success for EMEA. “The power of in-person events is not only fueled by the speakers sharing valuable stories, but even more by the opportunity to have personal interactions that help us to learn from each other and grow together.” 


Register for the global TrendMiner User Event, Sept. 20-21.

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